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Houbara Foundation International Pakistan works for conservation of Houbara Bustard which breeds in Central Asia and migrates to warmer habitats in Pakistan, every year in the winters. Loss of habitats, over-hunting and trapping for trade, have caused tremendous decline in houbara populations. The Foundation raises awareness among habitat communities of the need to protect natural resources, while at the same time alleviating poverty through welfare measures. This is done to convert trappers and traders of houbara into wardens of the houbara.

Birds trapped illegally for trade are rescued by the Foundation through law-enforcement agencies and released back to the wild. Before release, the birds are examined, treated and certified by veterinarians to ensure disease-free habitats. Release programmes are witnessed by government elite and reputed conservationists. So far, thousands of houbara have been thus rehabilitated.

Pakistan Army is the Foundation’s “Partner in Conservation,” sharing the work of habitat restoration through aerial broadcast of seeds, to prevent endangered species from vanishing.

The Foundation holds frequent award ceremonies to recognize and honour those who voluntarily protect wildlife.

Ernest Shams joined Houbara Foundation International Pakistan in November 1996 and is fortunate to learn from many experts occupied with conservation of natural resources. Some of his main responsibilities are: rehabilitation centres, release programmes and habitat restoration.



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